Our Story

The Victorian Hands Foundation, launched by Nadia Campbell, in 1994 strives to make the elderly feel loved and appreciated, as well as to make sure that they have not been abandoned by the communities that they served for so many years.

Our founder started this organization after watching a a documentary on elders who were abused and neglected and felt that something needed to be done! Through youth and adult volunteers, TVHF enhances intergenerational relations. Volunteers of TVHF learn how to appreciate and interact with
elders as well as help elders appreciate and learn about the younger generations.

Our Mission

To enhance awareness and respect, among younger generations for our elderly.


Our Goals

  • To enhance and encourage positive interaction among generations

  • To promote volunteerism

  • To enhance activities, interaction and quality of care in healthcare facilities

Volunteer Spotlight


RitaI think it's important to lend a helping hand to those in need, if at all possible. In high school, I decided to search for opportunities where I would be able to assist those who wanted and/or needed aid so that my available time would be used for something positive where I would be giving back and I came across TVHF. TVHF gave me the opportunity to talk to, listen and entertain seniors who lack the frequent family visits/attention that only a few receive especially in nursing homes. When I attended the volunteer orientation, I saw the passion and ambition behind the organization's vision and it gave me a strong interest and drive to take part even more. Then came the visit; it was exhilarating to share a moment with another who wanted just a few minutes of your time to share old stories and crack a smile or laughter. I enjoy being in the midst of others who share the same affection for others as I do so we can participate in after visit anecdotes. For those with the desire to give their time for a good cause with a warm personality and long to be there for others, TVHF is a great place to join others with the same appreciation to give back to the community and be there for others.